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Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Virtual Classes

VPOT 08 - Wheel Rental

Calendar Sep 1, 2020

Rent a Callanwolde potter's wheel! 

Wheels must be picked up the first week of September and dropped off by November 13. Call us to schedule your wheel pick up today!

(404) 474-4515

WRI 02 - Memoir 1 (Virtual)
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WRI 02 - Memoir 1 (Virtual)


with Lori Muskat

An introduction to the art of memoir in which a writer takes the reader far back into his or her life that was unusually vivid or intense and travels far below the surface.  Students will write weekly and read their work in class.  Expect to have your assignments critiqued by the class and edited by the instructor.  Each student will also read a memoir and present an oral report to the class.  All classes will be held on Zoom.

COOK 01 - *NEW!* Spices of India: Online Cooking Class
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COOK 01 - *NEW!* Spices of India: Online Cooking Class


with Shelley Chinnan

In this 4 week online course, come learn about Indian cuisine! I am a first generation Indian American, and I grew up in a home filled with traditional Indian spices and flavors. In this course, I will share techniques, history, and culture about the meals I grew up enjoying and continue to cook and entertain with. Just a few of the topics we will cover include The Essential Indian spice cabinet; identifying and cooking different lentils (including the quintessential daal tadka) ; how to make the perfect paneer tikka masala (can be adapted to chicken); how to read a menu at an Indian restaurant... and more! Students can cook along with me as I can demonstrate, or you are welcome to watch and take notes and cook later. All skill levels are welcome. Dishes are geared towards beginners as well as students who are comfortable with different cooking techniques. Meals can easily be adapted to different diets like vegan, vegetarian, GF etc. (Instant Pot or Pressure cooker is recommended but not required.)

About the Instructor: I am a first generation Indian American (both of my parents came from India in the 60's and 70's to study here while my brother and I were born here) and a native-born Atlantan.  I'm an artist and an educator myself. I have been cooking for about 15 years now, and over the years have been teaching cooking formally and informally.  Some years ago, when I was facing some serious health issues, I taught myself about nutrition; I also taught myself new cooking skills, and healed myself by overhauling my diet and learning about healthy eating.  The food I cook daily at home is balanced, nutrition-packed, colorful, and depending on who I am feeding, my dishes can vary to accommodate almost all dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw, paleo, sugar-free, nut-free, raw etc.  Of course, I can also cook mainstream dishes including meats casseroles, etc.  I really love to cook :)

PAD 06 - Private Drawing Lessons (Ages 12-16) (Virtual)


with Anna Trodglen

Your student will be given private drawing lessons over Zoom with instructor Anna Trodglen. The medium will be chalk pastels and conte crayons, on 11x14 multimedia notebooks. Lessons are one hour with a one hour minimum. Cost is $50 per lesson. The day/time will be scheduled with the instructor.

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